When Leftists Say 'Love,' Here's What They Really Mean

When Leftists Say ‘Love,’ Here’s What They Really Mean

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When Leftists Say ‘Love,’ Here’s What They Really Mean

When Leftists Say 'Love,' Here's What They Really Mean

Love means a convulsed southern border.

Love means law and order are mocked by sanctuary towns and cities.

Love means the communist Chinese throw woke rhetoric back at your secretary of State.

Love means selling NBA jerseys trumps Uyghur concentration camps.

Love means silent acceptance of brutal repression in Hong Kong.

Love means NATO deadbeats are (again) free to slowplay their fair share.

Love means American taxpayers are (again) funding the PLO.

Love means Hamas is (again) lobbing missiles into Israel.

Love means Europe leads, America follows.

Love means an additional $15 to fill up your gas tank.

Love means the destruction of once-beautiful U.S. cities.

Love means indicting firearms dealers rather than violent felons.

Love means antifa is only “an idea.”

Love means watching entire police units retire en masse.

Love means progressive schools must proclaim their racism.

Love means public school kids sit out an entire year of classroom instruction.

Love means female athletes lose out to male athletes.

Love means speech for me, but not for thee.

Love means a Second Amendment on the ropes.

Love means opening casinos and tattoo parlors but closing churches.

Love means late-term abortion on demand.

Love means inaccurate reporting on Donald J. Trump is forever sentenced to the memory hole of “whatever it takes.”

Love means Hunter continues to cash in.

And, until last week, love meant photo identification at the polls is racist.

Now, I’m all in for love. I know love makes the world go ’round. But all this talk about love from the progressive left is reminding me of that famous line from Tina Turner’s hit, “What’s Love Got to Do with It”: “What’s love but a second-hand emotion?”

When it comes to politics, Tina sure appears to be on to something.