When The System Fails, Righteous Men Will Rise Up

When The System Fails, Righteous Men Will Rise Up

When The System Fails, Righteous Men Will Rise Up

In my humble opinion we are now nearing or, at a critical tipping point, in this country. The left is aggressively using recent events as a pretext for violence because of their hatred of this country. Mimicking the tactics of the worldwide communists, the left is already achieving success in cutting the American public off from outlets of opposition to anarchy or to simple voice reason. Consider the sources of communication, the NY Times and Washington Post have made it very clear that they will NOT entertain any views opposed to the leftist tripe that triggers their “pajama boy” staff. Twitter and Facebook, although they claim they aren’t, are doing everything they can to severely censor conservative speech. Even minor interactive communication sites. “Discord” for example, cut off a site that has been set up for communication among military and police veterans. We are running out of options and, let me be clear, words, texts, and/or email into the echo chamber is not going to work!

This is not a true battle between civilization and the forces of anarchy because what we are witnessing is an assault of the forces of barbarism on a SUPINE establishment that attempts to represent the authority of reason and civility formulated by the US Constitution without getting its hands dirty.  As Tucker Carlson recently said, “What we’re watching is the ancient battle between those who have a stake in society, and would like to preserve it and those who don’t and seek to destroy it.“ My point is that those of us who have a stake better rise up to save it!

The opposition, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, etc don’t care about black people or the oppressed. They only care about power. Note that in Chicago, in the last day of may and first ten days of June, there were 35 black citizens killed and 137 wounded by gun fire, yet not a peep out of BLM.  I am certain that BLM cannot name a single one of those blacks victims because they don’t care. Unless the killing can be used for their purposes they won’t be bothered. Yet they have gotten many of the sheep to bow down and, as I understand, to actually kiss or wash the feet of the BLM criminals. When members of Congress,  all wearing African scarfs, take a knee for some 10 minutes, like they were just captured and enslaved by the barbarians, we are nearly the end my friends!

It is ironic that most of the country has been “locked down” by the dictates of the health police, enforced by power-mad governors and mayors throughout the country, while thousands of criminals have been given the green light to loot, burn and pillage. Rules of social distancing are suspended provided a person is looting, burning and pillaging and not intent on making a living.

At this time, our society is on precarious ground. If it falls we won’t just see a few corporations collapse but the dissolution of the spiritual and material achievements of our history. Statues and memories of the Revolution and the Civil War are being defaced and torn down now. What will be next?

What can we “SUPINE” citizens who care about the country do? There are things that can be done but, and this is a big but, it requires the commitment, time and courage of all of us. There are many ideas, some of which is done and most of which is not.

I am putting forth one set of options for things that could be done to begin to challenge the forces of anarchy and communist ideology.

Idea 1: Begin to stand up groups I call Spartan Training Groups within neighborhoods, Council Districts and County-wide:

What Will Spartans Be Asked To Do?

Those who volunteer for the Spartan Training Group program will be trained such that they could provide security for schools during active shooter situations, or be tasked with providing regular security at local schools, similar to the Sentinel Program enacted by Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd. Volunteers will also be trained to serve as volunteer security for local events, churches and effective neighborhood watches for their communities.

Volunteers will also receive training to handle natural disasters and emergency relief, with the goal of being able to provide aid during disasters as we have in the past during Hurricane Katrina and the recent flooding in Texas.

Who Will Provide The Training?

Training teams will be comprised of highly qualified vetted retired police, military and first responders (“Sentinels”) in good standing.

The Sentinels will provide first response to disasters and emergency situations, as well as taking responsibility of providing training to their local Spartan Training Group.

The Spartan Training Groups and our Sentinel Teams will be 100% legal, professional training operations. Due to this, there will be a vetting process for positions in either group. Additionally, we cannot provide training to anyone with a felony record.

Think You Have What It Takes?

Our Spartan Training Groups are open everyone so feel free to apply. Additionally, if you believe that you already have the training and experience to be a member of one of our Sentinel Trainer Teams, we encourage you to contact me as soon as possible. If you have an interest in participating please let me know. If a sufficient number of volunteers are interested, I will arrange for instructors, set up times locations, etc. Please contact me at 240-356-2025 or Warrior0445@mail.com.

Idea 2: Local Sleeper Cells

To win elections and to get, or keep, the progressives out, we have to wage an equally emotional campaign that puts them on the defensive and indicts them in the same moral language they spew forth about Republicans. I suggest  “sleeper cells”  to campaigns to correct the lies and discredit the tactics of the Left.

The strategic objective of the cell will be to raise awareness of the left’s goals, such as erasing our borders, disarming American citizens, eroding the fundamental structure of our society, etc. The cell members or outside experts, recruited for their expertise and impact will pursue the following kinetic actions:

Confrontation; put them on the defensive; asking penetrating questions at townhall meetings, always challenge their views, premises, and candidates;  throw the victims, of their doomed programs in their faces; attack on the facts, not the myths they rely on to discredit conservatives. Focus messaging on the progressive betrayal of the people they pretend to support; For example; turn around the accusation of the Conservative “war on women” by pointing out the numbers of women on food stamps; number of single mothers on welfare; or the horrible treatment of the black populations in democrat-led cities.

Mobilization; organize and recruit teams (separate from the cell itself) to counter leftist programs and ideas; seek out computer experts, social media experts, publishers, activists; Republicans must evolve from a debating society to a political force that can defeat the Democrat politics of personal and political destruction.

Infiltration; penetrate leftist organizations and subvert them; disrupt planning and organizations; obtain advance intelligence of  the left’s programs, meetings, candidates for use in defeating those;  remember that the left treats moral principles as disposable fictions; that the ends justify the means; and their political goal is always POWER!

Remember these principles:

  1. Politics is war conducted by other means;
  2. The aggressor usually prevails; lets put them on the defensive;
  3. Weapons of this war are symbols used by the aggressor that evoke fear or elation
  4. “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.”
  5. Either America succeeds as humanity’s last best hope or we are just another failed state in the hands of the Communists.