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Who is Marcia Fudge for USDA Secretary?

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Who is Marcia Fudge for USDA Secretary?

The Ohio congresswoman once called President Trump a “clear and present danger to our Democracy.”

The Ohio congresswoman once called President Trump a “clear and present danger to our Democracy.”

President-Select Biden is considering a Congresswoman for USDA Secretary who last year read a letter on the House floor which said, “Trump supporters [are] ‘racist’ and ‘dumb.”

The Congresswoman in question, Marcia Fudge, D, Ohio, is a leading candidate to be your next Secretary of Agriculture. She also called for the impeachment of President Trump.

We must remember that rural American farmers and ranchers supported President Trump.  President Select Biden (only the media has declared him President-Elect, not yet the Electoral College) has no real reason to select a Secretary of Agriculture which would please them.

National Journal Daily, in its December 3 edition, published an article reviewing the candidates for USDA. It appears the leading candidate is Rep. Marcia Fudge from an urban district in Ohio. She is campaigning for the position and apparently according to National Journal Daily is “…winning endorsements from progressive groups, unions, minority groups…”

Rep. Fudge has been chairman of the House Agriculture Nutrition and Oversight Subcommittee and has consequently been a strong critic of President Trump’s efforts to put in work requirements.

One of the key leaders of the Democrat House Majority is Rep. James Clyburn, D, S.C. Rep. Clyburn is the gentleman many attribute Mr. Biden’s come-back victory in South Carolina. The presumptive President-Select would owe a huge debt to this gentleman for his victory which ultimately leads to his victory.

Rep. Clyburn is viewed by many as very influential with Mr. Biden. Rep. Clyburn told the New York Times that “…she [Fudge] would be more focused on consumers than producers.” According to National Journal Daily, Rep. Clyburn stated, “It’s time for Democrats to treat the Department of Agriculture as the kind of department.… that much of the budget deals with consumer issues and nutrition and things that affect people’s day-to-day lives.”

What would Lincoln do?

President Abraham Lincoln, who founded the Department of Agriculture on May 15, 1862, would not be pleased. On September 30, 1859, Lincoln addressed the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society at its state fair in Milwaukee. He stated, “…the main purpose of the fair was to aid in improving agriculture.”

Isaac Newton, a Pennsylvania farmer (not the English astronomer), was chosen to be the first Commissioner of Agriculture. Mr. Newton said the objectives of the USDA were seven: collect statistical and other agricultural information, introduce new plants and animals to farmers, answer inquiries from farmers about agriculture techniques, test agriculture implements, conduct chemical analyses of soils, grains, fruits, plants, vegetables, and manures.

As you can see, these were the objectives for the department at the beginning under President Lincoln and the objectives were not to deal with climate change and nutrition programs.

National Journal Daily also indicates former Senator Heidi Heitkamp, D-ND, would be a candidate for the more “…conventional farmers and ranchers.” Apparently, former Sen. Heitkamp has received too many donations from farm groups to be considered a frontrunner for presumptive President-Select Biden.

Other candidates include Russell Redding, Pennsylvania. Redding is a strong spokesperson for agriculture but also has a commonsense approach to environmental issues. National Journal Daily has one statement that jumps out at any reader: “[T]here is so much distrust of Democrats among rural Americans that Biden’s ability to use those powers will depend on whether he picks an Agriculture Secretary who can convince them that his policies on climate change and other issues will really help them.”

Rep. Fudge will not be welcomed by a large number in rural America if she is selected as USDA Secretary. Remember this is the same Congresswoman Marcia Fudge who wrote a letter supporting a friend and former judge who beat his wife and later was accused of killing her! Fudge later condemned the judge’s actions.