Why Patriots Support Our President

I am often mystified by “supporters” of the President who complain that President Trump is his own worst enemy, and if he wasn’t so egotistical and defensive, or if his personality wasn’t so abrasive, he’d somehow escape the relentless attacks and barbs of the media.  They attribute negative media coverage of the President and his Administration as somehow unique and a figment of his character and the way he treats people.  

Hello … the media doesn’t just report negatively on our current President and Administration.  They report negatively on all things associated with American exceptionalism, patriotism, capitalism, free enterprise, individualism, and nationalism.  For decades they have reported negatively on every Republican President and Administration.  There is nothing new in the negative criticism of the President and everything American.  If Mother Theresa herself was a Republican in the White House and believed in American values and ideals, she would be criticized and labeled unmercifully.

The days are long gone when unbiased journalism was a reality in America.  The co-opting of the media and our educational system began fifty years ago in the wake of the domestic terror campaign of The Weather Underground and similar revolutionary groups to overthrow our government.  If you never read “Prairie Fire” (The Weather Underground manifesto), do so to understand the mindset and strategy of the radical left which is playing out today in the violent riots in our streets. 

In the intervening years, after the failure of the domestic terror campaign of the late 60’s – 70’s, the anarchists simply changed their focus to a long-term strategy of covert indoctrination by seeding the halls of academia and journalism.  It is no accident that today we have an educational system that teaches leftist ideology to the exclusion of dissenting thought, and a journalistic profession that controls the narrative of the news cycle with a profoundly socialist bent.  So what has changed?  Why does it seem like the left is in a constant frenzy to discredit anything the President does or says?

It’s pretty simple. This President has ripped the veil off the clandestine strategy of the leftists through his uncompromising successes, and forced them into the open for all to see the true nature of their ideology and practices.  They can’t help themselves.  He’s taken the fight to them rather than being apologetic or wary of the political consequences.  

The President has succeeded largely because he is a street fighter and isn’t from the mold of a milk toast politician.  He disrupts conventional thinking, regularly steps out of the box to get things done, and doesn’t beat around the bush trying to placate and be diplomatic.  He doesn’t have time for platitudes and pandering like traditional politicians.  He’s exactly the man the American people elected and why they elected him – nothing more and nothing less.

Every great leader has a big ego and none have a normal personality.  Their confidence, perseverance and determination are products of that ego.  Their personality is what sets them apart as a leader.  We had a string of nice, but ineffectual leaders in the White House for a long time and it led us to a weak economy, high unemployment, stagnant incomes, income inequality, declining manufacturing capability, weakened military strength, and global non-competitiveness.

President Trump changed all of that in 3-1/2 years.  He couldn’t have achieved those successes being a touchy-feeling, politically correct politician.  Few individuals could have withstood the criticism, treachery, name-calling, lying, deceit, and insults thrown at our President (and his family).  He has been maligned by the media, democrats, republicans, deep state operatives and globalists, alike. 

All manner of establishment people are threatened by the necessary actions he is taking to rectify years of neglect and disenfranchisement of Americans across the spectrum of race, occupation, and economic standing. To think that he would be getting rave reviews from the majority of the public if he was somehow more “normal”, belies the reality of how the political demographics have changed in our country. He is breaking rice bowls, challenging conventional wisdom, rejecting globalism, prioritizing the needs of American citizens, and upholding American values and ideals. That puts him at odds with large segments of the population.

The President needs our unflagging support, notwithstanding his perceived flaws.  Viewed through a different lens, those “flaws” that make supporters jittery, are in fact strengths that force truth to the surface and cause politically correct thinking to be exposed to the light of day.  He is fighting a coup attempt that could easily metastasize into a full-blown coup de’tat … something none of us ever thought possible in this country.  It’s a sign of how far to the left the country has moved.  Now is not the time to waiver in support of the President if you believe in the survival of our Constitutional Republic.  

Daniel P. Czelusniak is a former DoD Senior Executive .